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After a discussion of it referring to actual configurations of heavenly bodies in the skies, three interpretations are presented.

In every case the sign occurs on the Hebrew Feast of Trumpets in the autumn.

Ions can be created, by either chemical or physical means, via ionization. Oxygen is what makes the sky blue, molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light.

Shape of the Universe - Photo GN-z11 high-redshift galaxy found in the constellation Ursa Major, and is currently the oldest and most distant known galaxy in the observable universe - 13.4 billion years old. Mostly Molten Rock Theia collided with another planetary-mass object, Gaia (the early Earth) around 4.51 billion years ago. New type of Green Algae produced O2, which created the Ozone Layer that protected life from damaging UV Rays and gave life a chance to progress.

Dramatic space pictures from the Hubble Telescope and other new instruments have become frequent news events.

Everyone is awed by these colorful images of distant planets, stars, and galaxies.

The prophecy of a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet may refer to rare celestial signs of the Feast of Trumpets in 2 BC, 1832, and 2017, which herald the future birth of her son.

This article looks in detail at the prophecy in the Book of Revelation about a woman who gives birth to a son who will rule all nations with an iron rod.

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Reionization marks the point at which the hydrogen in the Universe became ionized.The first is that it could refer to the birth of Jesus Christ.Second, the possibility that it refers to the birth of the Kingdom of God is presented, along with supporting evidence.Reeling from her loss, Bella embraces self-destruction after being comforted by Edward's image during a moment of mortal peril.But as heavy-hearted as Bella may be, her old friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner) distracts her from her sorrows by helping her renovate a weather-beaten motorbike.

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